Tours & Wine Tasting at Château Purcari


Nestled in the countryside unfurling between the Dniester River and the Black Sea, Purcari’s modern technologies and traditional delights rests among verdant hillsides. Nearby lakes offer fishing, boating, and other relaxing pursuits that heighten the senses. 

At the Château, great wines naturally meet with great gastronomic experiences. A la carte food accompanied by wonderful Purcari wines will be appreciated by food connoisseurs and discerning travelers.

European cuisine lovers will appreciate house specialties - Black Flank Steak and Foie Gras, and those who prefer traditional food can taste the masterpieces of Moldovan cuisine (developed on a frontier where several ethnic traditions of Europe blend together).

Experience tells us that your visit to Purcari will be love at first sight, and be the perfect background for a lifetime of memories.

We offer:

  • Hotel with 8 luxury rooms
  • 2 restaurants with a capacity for 60 to 120 people
  • Patios for 120, 250 or 300 people, equipped with a micro-climate system.
  • Château Tour: A visit to historical wine cellar with a personal professional guide, information session about the production process and wine tasting.
  • Activities: boating, biking, hiking, fishing, tennis, ping-pong, volleyball, and games for children.



This is where it all began. Founded in 1827, Purcari Cellars are a refined treasure.

Vintage wines from 1984, the Queen Elizabeth II Collection dating from 1947 (labeled in English – innovative for their time), and several other jewels highlight the cellars.

The historic fingerprints left by the monks that built cross-shaped cellars, and their elaborate rituals blessing the wine also come alive.

In Purcari cellars you will find among the meticulously-arranged array of French barriques, the matured and perfected diamonds of Purcari – Negru de Purcari, Rosu de Purcari, and Alb de Purcari.

There are private storage areas dedicated to the wine collections of our friends, and we would be overjoyed to have you share your collection with us, and allow Purcari to be part of your personal treasure!

In the cellars of Purcari you can admire over 100 sections where can be kept more than 8,000 bottles of wine being available to all wine lovers. The sections are given in rent, so those interested in collecting wines, are able to keep them in time and for another generation.



"Better to taste once than to hear a hundred times," says the old proverb.

Aurel Grosu, Oenology PhD, is a charismatic bon vivant who has studied Purcari wines more than 40 years, and has extensive experiences with vintages from around the world. By putting the aromas, tastes, and other sensations you will be experiencing into the history and vistas surrounding your visit, we promise a true sommelier experience for the discerning traveler.

You will also play the role of a wine expert, tasting and appreciating the wines according to strict parameters. You tell us what you think about our wines, because your opinion matters to us.

Our past visitors can attest to an unforgettable experience.