The team


We were born in Moldova, we make wine in Moldova, and we are proud of Moldova. For almost two centuries, Purcari has been the symbol of Moldova. This great inheritance requires great responsibility.

Purcari’s mission is to represent the region’s wine industry with dignity, and to bring fame to our wines globally. Purcari is in a special position to not only share the history of our corner of Europe with the world, but to foster through consumers a love of the people and culture of Moldova in a way no other product can.

Purcari means a grounded, sophisticated elegance.


The perfect blend of geography, climate, and people are our most valuable capital.

An attention to nuance and a friendly openness are the cornerstones which create an atmosphere where innovative and creative ideas are appreciated.

An efficiently run and profitable business combined with satisfying our customers and partners are indispensable priorities in our venture.


The greatest wines are born in the moments of highest inspiration, the biggest wineries are maintained through daily effort, almost invisible, but assiduous..

Our reputation was built over centuries, and by keeping the winemaking traditions of previous generations we will maintain a sensibility that has led to the creation of Moldova’s premium wines.