Purcari Wines


The unique micro-area of Purcari winery is located on the 45th parallel north latitude, an ideal terroir for producing high-quality wine, similar to the famous Bordeaux region.

Château Purcari is nestled between the Black Sea and the Dniester River, benefits from optimal climatic conditions that protect the vineyards from frost during winter, and from heat during summer.

Podgoriile Purcari

Vineyards spread out along hills for 250 hectares, and allow maximum exposure to sunlight throughout the day, helping to ripen the grapes

Rubidium, a rare element found in the soil at Purcari, determines the intense-ruby colour of grapes, used for the famous Purcari red wines.


Purcari wines are literally hand-picked and processed using traditional methods based on the strictest canons of French viniculture

Before fermentation, the grapes are cooled to obtain a high quality wine, then the fermentation is repeated.

Vinurile de Purcari

After obtaining the young wine, filtered and clarified at a low temperature, the creation of the famous vintage wines continues for Negru de Purcari, Rosu de Purcari, and Alb de Purcari.

Château Purcari maintains its secret “know how” with attentive and loving care.


Purcari wines are aged exclusively in French oak barrels. Depending on the grape type, the aging periods vary from 6 to 18 months, while the wine becomes rich in tannins and aromatic components. This gives the aroma of elegant wood, vanilla, and chocolate notes to the taste.
Sticlele de vinuri Purcari

After aging in the barrels, the wine is bottled in a cold room, under sterile conditions, with natural cork stoppers as it continues its aging in the bottle for another 6 months.