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Purcari Wineries_Corporate presentation October 2021

Purcari Wineries_Corporate presentation September 2021

Invitation Retail Investor Conference Call_1H 2021 financial results

Invitation Investors and analysts Conference Call_1H 2021 financial results

Purcari Wineries_Corporate presentation June 2021

Purcari extends R&D team and launches a partnership in organic winemaking

Press Release Financial Results Q1 2021

Purcari Wineries invests in 8Wines, fast growing online wine retail platform

Purcari Wineries_Corporate presentation April 2021

Purcari Wineries_Press_release_Mundus Vini 2021 results

Purcari Wineries_Corporate presentation March 2021

Purcari Wineries_ Press Release_2020 Preliminary results

Purcari Wineries_Corporate presentation_2020 Preliminary results

Invitation Retail Investor Conference Call_Purcari_02.03.2021

Investors and analysts conf-call 2020 preliminary financial results

Purcari Wineries_Press release_third BVB listing anniversary

Purcari Wineries_Corporate presentation February 2021

Press Release_VEKTOR 2020 results

Invitation Retail Investor Conference Call_Purcari_09.12.2020

Purcari Wineries_Corporate presentation December 2020

Presentation Financial Results Q3 2020

Press Release Financial Results Q3 2020

Purcari Wineries_Corporate presentation October 2020

Purcari Wineries Corporate presentation September 2020

20200820_Purcari Press Release_Financial results_1H 20

Corporate presentation Purcari Wineries June 2020

2020.04.21_Purcari Wineries_COVID19 update


Purcari Press Release 2019 preliminary unaudited financial results 28.02.2020

Purcari Wineries Conference Call Presentation Preliminary 2019 results 28.02.2020

Corporate presentation ERSTE London 30.01.2020

Financial Calendar 2020

Corporate Presentation WOOD Winter Prague December 2019

Corporate presentation London 20.11.19

Press Release Financial Results Q3 2019

Corporate Presentation Frontier Investor Days Sep 2019

Press Release Financial Results 1H 2019

Corporate Presentation Citi Frontier Markets May 2019

Press Release Financial Results for Q1 2019

Press Release COO Appointment May 2019

Press Release Annual 2018 Results Feb 2019

Press Release Changes in Management Team Feb 2019

Corporate Presentation Wood Prague Dec 2018

Press Release Q3 2018

Press Release Neil McGregor Oct 2018

Corporate Presentation Oct 2018

Corporate Presentation Sept 2018 

Press Release BET index 04 Sept 2018

Press Release 2Q 2018

CEE Investor Days 23-24 May 2018

Raiffeisen Conference 09 April 2018

Corporate Presentation Purcari Wineries Plc. Jan 2018

Anunț privind Intenția de Listare Jan 15, 2018

Intention to Float Announcement Jan 15, 2018

Press Release Purcari Wineries Listing Feb 15, 2018

Shareholders Notification Cyprus