Board of Directors

Victor Bostan

CEO, Founder
Executive Director
John Maxemchuk

Executive Director
Monica Cadogan

Non-executive Director
Founded the Group in 2002.
Over 35 years of experience in wine industry
Built and exited one of the largest wine companies in RU
Graduate degree in oenology
20 years of management experience, including over 10 years in Moldov
Ex-MetroMedia, Sun/Orange, AT&T
Wharton, MBA Harvard Business School
Over 10 years of management experience
CEO of Vivre Deco, leading CEE e-commerce home products company
Bucharest University of Economic Studies

Neil McGregor

Non-executive Director
Vasile Tofan

Chairman of the Board
Non-executive Director
Over 20 years of legal experience
Managing partner of McGregor & Partners
Vice-president of the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce
University of Aberdeen
Over 10 years experience in FMCG
Partner at Horizon Capital, $700m+ AUM
Ex- Monitor Group, Philips
MBA Harvard Business School