June 15, 2020

Pop up a bottle of good wine and raise a glass in honour of Purcari Wineries’ Founder and CEO – Victor Bostan! He is celebrating the beautiful jubilee of 60 years old on May 1st.

Mr. Bostan has been involved in the winemaking industry for over 30 years and has founded the internationally renowned group - Purcari Wineries. With passion, deep knowledge of vinification, and a special love for national tradition and history, he has focused all his ambitions and efforts to create one of the most popular brands in Moldova, Romania, and other over 30 countries in the entire world – Purcari.

Purcari has known a strong growth and international success, being led by the Moldovan winemaker, despite the difficulties over the years. This is confirmed by both the medals won at international contests and the consumers from all over the world.

All Purcari wines and sparkling wines are seasoned with devotion, love, and personality, being created under the careful supervision of Purcari’s founder, but also of the first-ever internationally famous oenologists that have been invited by a winemaking company from Moldova for permanent collaboration. These are Federico Giotto, Italian oenologist, and Jérôme Barret, French oenologist.

Victor Bostan is the direct personification of perseverance and dedication, and this special day is more than a culmination of all his accomplishments and direct contribution to the national heritage so far, but also a slope for everything there is to come. The future is just beginning!

In these moments of isolation and social distancing, all Purcari team members, partners, and friends send sincere thoughts and all the best wishes to the one that has managed to create in Moldova, here at home, a brand with national traditions, Premium quality, and worldwide popularity.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Bostan!

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