May 14, 2019

Purcari Winery, the largest producer of premium wines in the Republic of Moldova, launches a NEW premium Sparkling Wine, Cuvée de Purcari Feteasca Alba, created by the French oenologist, Jérôme Barret.

Purcari Winery brings through this creative fantasy, the white sparkling wine, Cuvée de Purcari Feteasca Alba, obtained by the classic method of fermentation and long storage in bottles, from the finest terroirs and the expression of a millennium rooted variety, Feteasca Alba.

The straw yellow color with greenish reflexes is ennobled with fine flavors of green apples, honeycombs and wild flowers. Secondary fermentation and long maturation in glass give to the wine a unique taste - unmistakable, well balanced and sensitive with a sparkling, persistent and fine shining.

The sparkling wine is produced only from the variety of native grape, Feteasca Alba - harvest of 2017, which is new for Moldova and Romania.

Since 2018, until now, Purcari Winery has been awarded over 50 medals at the world's most important wine competitions. Purcari is considered one of the most prized wineries in Central and Eastern Europe.

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