June 17, 2019

Purcari Winery, the largest producer of premium wines in the Republic of Moldova, has launched a NEW dry white wine – Traminer de Purcari.

Purcari Winery extends its Collection 1827 with a new collection wine of limited edition – Traminer de Purcari 2018. This wine is produced of Traminer variety of grapes of German origin, which is perfect for producing the best white wine. Traminer wines were first clearly mentioned in 1834, although this variety of grapes has been known since the 15th century.

Traminer de Purcari is like a May rain: it smells acacia and elderberry, it is light, fresh and memorable. This is a distinguishing white wine produced of noble Traminer grapes that are notable due to their unmatched fruitful and extremely delicate taste, with gentle rose and jasmine jam hints. It reveals a special late rose flavour from the very beginning, then it evolves into a complex and thick aftertaste. There is no doubt that this is one of the most well-balanced, flavoured and cooling wines. This is the highest-class jewellery.

Château Purcari founded in 1827 and being one of the most important regions in Eastern Europe, is located in a picturesque area, at a distance of only 50 km from the Black Sea. The national heritage –  famous collection of Purcari wines that were awarded with medals and royal honours – is kept here. Purcari terroir is known far beyond the country territory. Unique microclimate and soil rich in rubidium facilitate highest-quality wine production. Purcari, with its rich wine history and traditions, is more than just a winery with a glorious past, it is a living legend and a proof of age-long passion and love for vine and wine.

‘This launching is a special event for us. We bring a new product to the market – Traminer de Purcari, a new label in the Wine Collection 1827, of 2018 harvest, produced as a limited edition. This is a fresh and flavoured dry white wine, which will certainly win the hearts of admirers of good wines’, – declared Victor Bostan, Chief Executive Officer of Purcari Winery.

Purcari wines are created in co-operation with the Italian oenologist Federico Giotto.

Traminer de Purcari was launched on Thursday, 18th April, at the Wine Vernissage in President Hotel, 58/5 Dacia Avenue, Chisinau.

Traminer de Purcari completes the Collection 1827, more exactly – Rosé de Purcari, Pinot Grigio de Purcari, Sauvignon Blanc de Purcari, Chardonnay de Purcari, Cabernet-Sauvignon de Purcari, Merlot de Purcari, Pinot Noir de Purcari and Rara Neagra de Purcari.

Purcari Winery won over 75 medals and awards at the world’s most important wine competitions in 2018. Purcari Winery took the title of the Best Producer Moldova at Mundus Vini in Germany in 2019.


Purcari Wineries Plc (Purcari, Crama Ceptura, Bostavan and Bardar brands) is one of the largest wine and brandy groups in the CEE region. The Group manages around 1,000 hectares of vineyards and operates four production platforms in Romania and Moldova. Purcari is the leader in the premium wine segment in Romania, with a 30% segment share, and the largest wine exporter from Moldova, delivering to over 30 countries. Founded in 1827, Purcari is the most awarded winery in CEE at Decanter London 2015-2018 and among the best ranked on Vivino, with an average score of 4.0 out of 5.0, based on over 23,000 reviews. Starting February 2018, the Group is listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, under the ticket WINE. Purcari is led by Victor Bostan, a 30+ years wine business veteran and backed by top institutional investors, including Horizon Capital, Franklin Templeton, SEB, Fiera Capital and IFC.

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