March 25, 2020

Several Moldovan hospitals will be equipped with the up-to-the minute medical appliances and devices that are required for treating the patients infected with COVID-19. This will be due to a donation made by Purcari Wineries Group within the framework of the Campaign ‘Together for You’ launched by MAD-AID Organisation and representatives of the civic society. The donation made by Purcari Wineries Group is aimed to support the healthcare system in the Republic of Moldova and country’s citizens in order to overcome those moments of heavy fate and incertitude we are passing through, in an easier way.

There will be bought, as well, a Swiss ventilator of new generation – Hamilton C6, of the one-million donation offered by Purcari Wineries Group to MAD-AID Organisation. This ventilator ensures an ultramodern regime of assisted lung ventilation and is designed for children, inclusively for new-born ones, pregnant women and adults. Ventilators of this typeare regarded as ones of the most high-performance ventilators at the global level and are acknowledged by well-known specialists from many countries of the world. This is the first ventilator of this type in the Republic of Moldova.

The remaining amount, i.e. about a half a million MDL, will be used to purchase medical equipment and other items required for those hospitals in the Republic of Moldova, which are engaged in treating the coronavirus patients.

‘Not amounts, figures or names of equipment but human lives matter. We know that ventilators are a luxury for this category of patients even within most high-performance healthcare systems in the world. Hence, we decided to intervene namely in this direction. We pray God not to have a need for them. However, if these ventilators still have to be used, we are sure that they will save many lives’, – declared the founder of Purcari Wineries Group, Victor Bostan.

This ventilator will be sent to a hospital from the Republic of Moldova within the following days. Other equipment will be handed over to healthcare establishments depending on their needs and recommendations given by the Ministry of Health, Social Protection and Family.

Purcari Wineries Group donated one million MDL within the Campaign ‘Together for You’ launched by MAD-AID Organisations and representatives of the civic society. This Campaign, which is a civic initiative for ‘supporting the heroes engaged in combating the COVID-19 pandemics’, becomes more and popular these days. There have been registered over 1,000 donators. The donated monies are particularly used for buying the equipment and other necessities for hospitals and doctors from the Republic of Moldova.

This one-million-MDL donation is the beginning of the Campaign #RESPIRĂUȘOR launched by Purcari Wineries Group in the situation, which the Republic of Moldova and its citizens face now due to COVID-19 outbreak. Later, there will be announced other actions too.

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