May 25, 2018

Sep 03, 2017

Explosions of positive energy, much fun, many smiles, beautiful and active people – this is how we could describe in a few words Purcari Wine Run.

The organizers of the event - and the site launched a grand off road trail, in the middle of the biggest vineyard from republic of Moldova – Chateau Purcari. 

The Purcari Wine Run participants had to run a 10 km race through the beautiful vineyards and landscapes of the region Purcari. The interesting part was that, at every 2 km, they had the possibility to make a stop for a good refresh with water, fruits, and of course, wine. Even more, every stop had a suggestive title, on the name of the most popular grape varieties, like: Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Rose.

The ones that had enough energy after the race, visited the winery and the cellars of Purcari, and also tasted the exclusive wines of Purcari.

Mention: In august 2016, organized a testing race through the vineyards of Chateau Purcari and over 200 participants ran the trial.  It was out then when the organizers understood that our vineyards are simply perfect for a race like this and decided to make the trail official, since 2017.  This is how Purcari Wine Run concept initiated and we tend to make a tradition of this beautiful event of ours, every single year. Our aim is to associate the healthy lifestyle with the wine – this magnificent liquor, which consumed harmoniously and with balance, could definitely bring only benefits to our health.

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